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Political Analysis - Unharmonic Convergence: Water, Water Everywhere - 1/23/14
Jan 24th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 6:15 pm


TONIGHT on Political Analysis, Sandy LeonVest hosts "Water, Water Everywhere" -- the second installment of PRN's ongoing series, "Unharmonic Convergence"

Joining Sandy to kick off the hour, Food&Water Watch's Adam Scow, who talks about the "unharmonic convergence" taking place in California right now -- how and why the Golden State's "mega-drought" is unharmonically converging with a number of forces. Among them, hydrofracking, Governor Brown's water-stealing Twin Tunnels project and his ties with Big Oil&Gas -- all against the backdrop of ever-accelerating climate change.
Later, West Virginia human rights activist, radio journalist and planet-defender Bob Kincaid, of Head-on Radio, joins Sandy to talk about West Virginia's recent massive chemical spill, mountaintop removal and the connection between "environmental injustice" and increasing poverty and inequality worldwide.
***Soon to come on Political Analysis, an entire hour dedicated to how and why water privatization -- an increasingly troubling phenomenon -- is worsening what is already a criminal violation of human rights -- and the rights of all living things -- here in the US.
And if you're looking for solutions, here are some websites to visit today:

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