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Political Analysis - UNARMONIC CONVERGENCE, PART 6 - 02/20/14
Feb 20th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 6:00 pm
California Hot Spots -- Hiding in Plain Sight

Tonight on Political Analysis, as anti-nuclear activists in the "Golden State" (aka California) focus much of their attention on the radiation coming from Fukushima, Sandy LeonVest reports that we may be missing a far more insidious -- and equally dangerous -- threat. Only this one is hiding in our own front yards. 

Political Analysis shines a light on the long-buried (and highly toxic) legacy that has been poisoning California communities -- especially low-income and non-white communities -- since the Cold War Era. 

Joining Sandy to discuss these California Hot Spots -- and the environmental racism connection -- journalist Michael Steinberg and disaster preparedness expert Chuck McCune.

Michael Steinberg is an environmental justice activist, a journalist and the author of countless books, including The End of Tobacco Road and In My Father's House. He recently wrote an extensive article (published at Black Rain Press) on the radioactive contamination of the San Francisco Bay Area -- including Treasure Island, Hunters Point and the Farallon Islands.  

Chuck McCune is CEO of McCune Solar Works and executive director of the Prizm Foundation, which works to help low income communities build durable, sustainable solutions to 21st century problems. 

Learn more about the Prizm Foundation or Chuck McCune at: www.prizm.org

Learn more about Michael Steinberg or his work at: www.blackrainpress.org

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