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From the grassroots to Washington and beyond, the realities of politics and power are routinely cloaked in euphemism and evasion.

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Political Analysis - “Sustainable Capitalism” is an Oxymoron - 10/09/12
Oct 9th, 2012 by progressiveradionetwork at 8:00 pm

Environmental activist and author Chris Williams joins Sandy LeonVest to talk about "eco-socialism," the 2012 elections and the need to eschew capitalism and transition to a new economic model in the interest of (real) sustainability. Williams argues that there is no such thing as "sustainable capitalism," and that the ecological changes proposed by socialists are ultimately the most humane (and feasible) for building a society whose objective is human and natural sustainability. Among other issues discussed are the reluctance of US climate activists and environmentalists to connect the dots between social injustices, war, work and the environment; the folly of unending growth in a world of finite resources; and the need to work in solidarity with indigenous people within the framework of an international movement to address growing economic disparities, unprecedented environmental destruction and social injustice.

Chris Williams is a long-time environmental activist, professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University and chair of the science department at Packer Collegiate Institute. His first book, "Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis," argues that there is "no such thing as sustainable capitalism."

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