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Political Analysis - UNCOMMON SENSE — Preparing for the Worst in Perilous Times: A Radical, Reality-Based Approach to Disaster Preparedness - 07/24/14
Jul 24th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 8:48 pm

On tonight's Political Analysis, disaster preparedness expert Chuck McCune joins Sandy for what could be the most important hour you'll ever spend ... Here's why: In the 21st century, most of us understand that we live in treacherous and unpredictable times. While every generation of humans has certainly had its challenges, we (those of us living through the 21st century) are the first to experience the "critical mass" of converging forces -- including too few resources, too many people and too many weapons -- that today threatens all living species. Those of us who are not delusional or exercising "willful denial" understand that increasingly we are on a very short fuse.

We know that a natural or human-caused disaster -- or a convergence of disasters -- could come at any moment, with little or no warning, changing all of our lives irrevocably and forever. Yet few Americans are even modestly prepared for the very real threats that characterize these perilous times. The current "fossil fuel boom" -- including hydraulic fracturing -- is plagued with a host of problems.

Among these, air and water pollution, contamination of food and/or water sources, oil, gas and chemical spills, explosions and fires. All of these made worse by a lackluster regulatory environment, agencies that often work on behalf of the same industries they are charged with regulating (as opposed to the public they are charged with protecting) and an appalling lack of security. Then there's nuclear power (and radioactive contamination), runaway climate change, earthquakes, global geopolitical turmoil, and an aging, poorly maintained power grid. And, with sabotage and acts of terror on the uptick worldwide, all of these potential crises threaten to leave Americans "powerless" at the worst possible time. As we saw with Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, FEMA and other federal and state agencies charged with insuring the public safety have, for the most part, been ineffectual when faced with major disasters. And every disaster now threatens to turn into a major crisis.

Chuck McCune brings his (more than) two decades of experience and research to the table in this hour-long special on crisis survival strategies for perilous times. He briefs listeners on short and long term planning for disasters ranging from the most remote to the most likely. During the course of the hour, he offers specific guidelines for surviving a major disaster -- or even a "worst case scenario" -- along with a practical and affordable list of survival tools that no one should be without in these perilous times.

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