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Political Analysis - Hello There, Howard Greenebaum - 07/24/12
Jul 24th, 2012 by progressiveradionetwork at 6:00 pm
Guest: Author and former US Congressional candidate, Howard M. Greenebaum
On July 24, 2012, the US Senate held its first-ever hearing in a scheduled series of hearings on amending the Constitution to reverse the historicCitizens United v the Federal Election Commission ruling of January 21, 2010. TONIGHT on Political Analysis Sandy LeonVest covers this groundbreaking first step in revoking the Supreme Court's decision. She runs audio clips from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and talks about a series of amendments introduced today in Washington by Senator Sanders and others to get Big PAC Money out of the election process.
Later in the hour, Howard M. Greenebaum joins SLV to talk about his new book, "Don't Do It Like They Did It -- in Washington." Howard Greenebaum is an entrepreneur and a former candidate for Congress, winning the Democratic nomination in  Maryland in 1984, and again in California in 1988. While he didn’t end up serving in Congress, Howard Greenebaum has been a passionate environmental activist, political visionary and successful business executive for the past few decades. Today, at 82 years years of age, he has written an extraordinary and inspiring book. “Don’t do it like they did it in Washington,” lays out with clarity and vision some of the most pressing challenges posed by the current state of our democracy, and poses common sense, human needs-based solutions to those problems.
Howard Greenebaum is a man with a mission.
He passionately hopes to save America from itself.
Judging from tonight's interview, he just might succeed.

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