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Political Analysis - 3/20/12
Mar 20th, 2012 by progressiveradionetwork at 6:00 pm
Guest: Alex Lotorto, community leader, organizer and activist

This week on Political Analysis:

As the nation approaches the 2012 presidential elections, natural gas proponents (including President Obama) say they stand ready to convert pretty much everything to run on gas. And, if you believe the current spin, this particular fossil fuel will make the US not only cleaner and greener, but energy self-sufficient. Not so, says community organizer and activist Alex Lotorto, who explains to Political Analysis host Sandy LeonVest why natural gas will do none of the above. With prices hitting historic lows and the gas industry pumped up by its multi-million dollar PR campaign and Obama's support, Alex dispels any residual illusions that natural gas is a "clean, green" fossil fuel, and sheds light on a piece of legislation known as the NAT GAS Act. The bill is the industry’s most recent attempt to commit the nation to a future fueled by natural gas.
Alex Lotorto is a lifelong resident of the Upper Delaware River region in Pennsylvania. At the age of 25, Alex has already spent years in the trenches – and on the front lines – voicing his opposition to all forms of natural gas. Alex also serves as one of the Industrial Workers of the World's youngest union delegates.

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