Political Analysis

From the grassroots to Washington and beyond, the realities of politics and power are routinely cloaked in euphemism and evasion.
Political Analysis - 04/30/13
Apr 30th, 2013 by progressiveradionetwork at 5:00 pm

Karyn Strickler, of Climate Challenge Media, guest hosts for Sandy LeonVest.  Karyn talks with Distinguished Professor Gerald Markowitz from the City University of New York, about his article, co-authored with David Rosner, “Your Body is a Corporate Test Tube." In the article they say, “A toxic dump used to be a superfund site or a nuclear waste disposal site.  Increasingly, however, we -- each and every one of us -- are toxic dumps and for us there’s no superfund around, no disposal plan in sight.” Learn about the chemical stew to which we are unwittingly and unwillingly exposed and the deadly, short and long-term impacts they are having on us all.

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