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Political Analysis - 01/16/14
Jan 17th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 12:55 pm


Tonight, Political Analysis host Sandy LeonVest kicks off a series of programs tackling the "unharmonic convergence" of (corporate-sponsored) ecological disasters currently threatening to destroy what is left of the nation's -- and the planet's -- water, food and air. This January 16th pilot, "Fukushima, California -- Rumor V Reality," features Dr. Nicholas Fisher (who reportedly told the Los Angeles Times last week that radiation from Fukushima "poses no public health risk"); Chuck McCune, anti-nuclear activist, veteran disaster preparedness expert and adviser to a host of public agencies -- including the NRC, DHS and FEMA; and Mimi German, lifelong activist, founder of RadCast.org, and one of the original founders of No Nukes NW in Portland, Oregon. The two take on Dr. Nicholas Fisher, whose research recently found that California's food and water supplies are safe, and that Fukushima poses little threat.


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