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Dec 12th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 2:29 pm
Three guests joined Sandy Leonvest and Steve Horn on the show for this week.
For the first third of the show, Sam Daniel, a campaigner for Greenpeace Israel, came on to talk to Steve about the massive oil spill that recently took place in southern Israel, where clean up efforts have just begun. It was the biggest spill in the history of the country.
For the second third, "Newsvandal," historian and investigative journalist JP Sottile joined Steve and Sandy to discuss plummeting global oil prices and ask the questions: who, what and why? They also discussed the central role of OPEC and the Saudi Arabian autocracy, as well as the key role of the dollar empire and "petrodollars."

And for the last part of the show, Steve and Sandy chatted with Anne Petermann, executive director of the Global Ecology Justice Project, about the failed (or a success, for corporate sponsors) of the Lima, Peru United Nations climate negotiations, as well as deforestation issues in Paraguay. They also discussed the "people's climate summit," a counter to the corporate-dominated event in Lima.

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