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From the grassroots to Washington and beyond, the realities of politics and power are routinely cloaked in euphemism and evasion.

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Political Analysis - Web of Lies: Iraq Ten Years Later - 03/19/13
Mar 19th, 2013 by progressiveradionetwork at 5:00 pm

Tonight on Political Analysis, Sandy LeonVest presents Web of Lies: Iraq Ten Years Later -- a Political Analysis special on the tenth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq ...

Ten years after the US-led invasion and near-total destruction of Iraq, Sandy LeonVest challenges the mythology of the US (or anyone else) having "won" that war, along with the cultural pathology that allowed -- and continues to allow -- the aberration we call "war" to continue. Using audio clips from both the pre-Iraq war buildup and the post-war devastation, Sandy examines the web of lies woven and spun by the GW Bush administration and its corporate media allies that led to the near-total destruction of a once-civilized and culturally advanced nation, and left hundreds of thousands of other lives -- including US veterans and their families -- in ruins. Audio highlights include excerpts from Arundhati Roy, David Swanson and Greg Palast, along with other key players in the Web of Lies known today as the Iraq War.


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