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Political Analysis - MEET THE BEAST: URS Corporation Devours Whistleblowers, Part I - 03/21/14
Mar 21st, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 3:54 pm

Guests: Hanford Challenge's Tom Carpenter and Meredith Crafton

Tonight on Political Analysis, Sandy LeonVest hosts the first in her new series, MEET THE BEAST: URS Corporation Devours Whistleblowers

The San Francisco-based URS Corporation doesn't like whistleblowers. And the company knows how to make them suffer for their sins. URS recently fired yet another employee (Donna Busche, former Hanford Nuclear Reservation Environmental & Nuclear Safety Manager), when she went public with her doubts about Hanford's safety culture. 

Tom Carpenter, Executive Director of Hanford Challenge and his colleague Meredith Crafton join Sandy to talk about how the nuclear industry (in this case, the URS Corporation) disposes -- and sometimes destroys the careers and livelihoods -- of whistleblowers, considered by the industry to be little more than "trouble-makers."

Tom Carpenter testified this month before a Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, along with whistleblowers Donna Busche (the recently fired Environmental & Nuclear Safety Manager for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation) and former URS Corporation nuclear engineer Walter Tamosaitis. Both employees were fired by URS Corporation after reporting nuclear safety issues at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant in Washington state.

The hearing addressed retaliation against employees who raised concerns, and the roles and responsibilities of the US Department of Energy and its contractors regarding whistleblowers.


Listen to the Senate hearings on nuclear whistleblower retaliation at:

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