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Political Analysis - Meet The Beast - Part 7 GREEN SLIME: The Slippery Side of the Solar Industry - 05/08/14
May 8th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 8:33 pm

Tonight on Political Analysis, BeastBusting Broadcaster Sandy LeonVest is joined by activist, inventor and solar industry insider Chuck McCune for a conversation about energy democracy, solar power and paradigm shifts. They discuss why the solar industry needs to get back to its original, egalitarian vision, extract itself from the old energy paradigm and shift its focus from Wall Street to Main Street.     

There was a time when the movement for clean, safe, renewable energy was part of a larger movement -- one that sought to create a "better world" for our children -- and for our children's children. The clean energy movement, which initially seemed to take its inspiration from the peace and civil rights movements of the 1960s and the anti-nuclear movement of the 1970s and 80s, nurtured and promoted a vision that solar power could be a huge part of "saving the world." After all, it was a movement made up of idealists, "progressives" and visionaries. 

It was a movement which wholeheartedly believed its own PR, embracing the idea that energy produced from the sun was "free" and infinitely abundant -- and that the technology itself was inherently "more democratic." It was not so long ago (only a few decades), that egalitarianism was the driving force of the clean energy movement. There was the sense that solar power -- as opposed to power derived from nuclear or fossil-based sources -- was intrinsically good, and that the clean energy movement would forever change the way energy was produced distributed and consumed.   

But, what happened to the "Sea of Green" and the idealism that once inspired the movement? And how can the clean energy movement get back to its once noble vision of energy democracy and "free sun power for all" at a time when, according to a growing number of insiders, the solar industry itself feels more like a "shark tank" than a Sea of Green?  

You'll find out on "GREEN SLIME: The Slippery Side of the Solar Industry" -- the seventh in PRN's MEET THE BEAST series. 

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