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From the grassroots to Washington and beyond, the realities of politics and power are routinely cloaked in euphemism and evasion.

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Political Analysis - Fukushima Special - 03/06/14
Mar 7th, 2014 by progressiveradionetwork at 1:54 pm

March 11 marks the third anniversary of the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. As the ecological problems caused by the triple melt down there continue to grow, people's awareness of the urgency for ending nuclear power is also growing. This year many groups and individuals around the world are remembering Fukushima through a host of different actions, from visiting Japanese embassies to blockading bridges, to simply turning off their lights. This special, guest hosted, episode of Political Analysis will try to give an overview of the many Actions taking place and try to capture the mounting excitement and determination of anti-nuclear activists as they push for an end to nuclear power.


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